Jan 11 2020

City Tours

When will I be in your city? 

What are my donations?

How long am I in town for? 

My tours solely depends on you!

I determine cities based off request as well as having a successful amount of serious inquires.

I value my time in a new city and would be crazy to want to risk spending it alone! Yes I'd much rather spend time with a gentleman that knows what he wants and has no problem showing it! Because most times i Only visit 1-3 days, I want to make sure I am not just sitting in a hotel room bored.Securing a date not only lets me know that you are serious, it also ensures my devoted time to you is guaranteed!

When contacting please include the following:

Where (website) you found me including your username 

Day/Timeframe/Duration of quality time 

References (2-3) if no references please include field of employment

Any allergies (soaps,lotions,latex etc)

Fave color 

Upon successful screening, deposits can be sent via cashapp, Venmo or purchasing visa gc through my amazon wishlist.

Please NOTE**** Those who opt out of security deposit understand that our meet will only take place if time allows, as deposits have priority booking.

Upon receiving deposit you will be sent a confirmation and custom pic/video including date details and pic/video in your fave color  

If for whatever reason said tour is cancelled ALL deposits will be REFUNDED or put towards next tour which ever you prefer. 



While touring donations are rates posted on rates page +50


20% minimum