Sep 29 2019

Q’s & A’s

Q: Where am I Located? 

A: Cincinnati, OH based I have incall locations in Northern Kentucky as well as East side of Cincinnati for select gentleman. 

Q: What is my out call radius? 

A: I don’t have one! Donations listed on my site are for a 30min drive from my eaat side location. Anything beyond 30 min inwill still travel to but requires a different donation. 

Q: How old am I?

A: Lol well you’re never suppose to ask a woman her age but I’ll proudly say I’m 28 but look 20 if that. 

Q:  What are my measurements? 

A: 32-24-36

Q: What is my fave adult beverage?

A: Tequila or a good sweet wine 

Q: What is my fave color?

A: Anything bright

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